During the Raid

There has been a lot of work to just get to this point, but this is the pay off from all of the above activities the actual raid time.

I will assume this is a semi-organized raid with voice coms and one in which the design is to introduce new players to the raid in a guild.  If you are in a Pick-up Group, well godspeed if it’s your first time.

Plan to show up 10-15 minutes and know how to get to the raid instance itself.  The Antorus raid specifically is only a few minutes walk from the Vindicaar, I would recommend setting your hearthstone to the Vindicaar.

Once you get to the instances get ready to start clearing trash, you can buff for trash, but in general its acceptable to wait until just before the pull on the First Boss to buff up.

Most often there will be a Ready Check at which point you should use your Flask, Food and Augment Rune if none were provided.

Join Voice Communications, typically Discord.

The Raid Leader, this most often the person doing the inviting assigning roles and tasks to individuals the raid, they might assign specific tasks to others in the raid if so listen to whom each task is assigned to; the typical things that need to happen in a good raid, and what they are for.

There are a couple of specific things you might be asked to do depending on your class, so a couple of specific notes are below as well.

Even if you have no plans to talk, it is important to hear callouts and the other players, and it is nice to hear some voices and be reminded they are actual humans you are playing with.

The people to listen to in your raid, again I am assuming this is a semi-organized raid in a guild that is a functional raid guild.

Ready Checks

This is to ensure that everyone is ready to do whatever is next, sometimes it is just to ensure everyone is at the boss at their keyboards and understands the fight.

If you have questions or need to clarify something the Ready check is the time to do it, clicking Yes means your ready to engage with the boss and everything that comes with it.

Pull Timers

These are traditionally handled by the tanks and are a countdown from 12, 10, or some other number to 1 which is when the pull happens.

This is to time your Opener which should be in the class guides I have mentioned above, this is an extremely important part of your DPS and is an important area to improve.

Of specific important on the pull is “Pre-Potting” which is using a potion before combat starts, typically on 2 of the countdown; if you are unsure of your rotation err on the side of delaying a bit to not pull early as an early pull can mess up multiple DPS’ers rotations and makes everyone angry…and also is super obvious.

So, you can just delay a bit and do the opener a bit later, just pot before the boss is pulled.

Blood Lust / Heroism / Timewarp, etc

In many groups, the specific time will be known and someone in the raid group will just do this automatically, when your DPS’ing it can be important to know when its going to happen to improve your DPS, but it is also something you can worry about in future runs. If you are a Bloodlust class read below for some more details.

Healer Cooldowns

I recommend being a DPS for your first run, but if you ignored me, make sure you pay attention who is supposed to call out cooldowns, if they don’t seem like they are going to ask the Raid Leader if someone is going to call them or if you should use them at your own discretion, if so use them fairly aggressively at most have fairly short cooldowns and make up a big part of your healing.

Ability Calls

Some fights are helpful if someone is calling out abilities, in general, this shouldn’t be something you need because DBM will let you know what is important, but it can be helpful if someone is doing it correctly.

There can be a challenge if multiple people are trying to be helpful and calls stuff out but getting it wrong, try to learn who is reliable and who is not when in doubt trust the Boss Mod.

Specific Class notes:

Bloodlust – Shaman, Mages, and Hunter

If you have Bloodlust/Heroism know when it is supposed to be used in the fight if there are multiple people with Bloodlust find who specifically should be doing it.

If there are mages and they have the Shard of the Exodar they will hold back their Timewarp for increased DPS, so if you are a Shaman or Hunter it is likely going to be your job to Bloodlust.

Battle Rez – Death Knight, Druid, Warlock and Hunter

You have a Battle Rez, it is on a shared timer so find out who is calling for them and only cast it when called for.  Some fights have specific reasons to hold on to them, most commonly for Tanks / Healers so find out.

If you don’t get an answer in general battle rez the tank if they die, and hold on to it otherwise unless you are the only battle rez in the group, hopefully, this is not the case.

Shaman’s Reincarnation does not count as a battle rez nor does the Holy Priest Legendary cloak or the various ‘Cheat Death’ abilities.

Warlock Soulstones only count when they are used, if you are a warlock do not Soul Stone yourself and do not use it during the fight.

Warrior Misc.

Make sure you have Commanding Shout bound somewhere if the Raid Leader calls for it, it is a strong survivability cooldown in the raid.


Ritual of Summoning, and Healthstones.

These are very useful tools for the raid so make sure that before each boss pull you’re dropping your Healthstones for raiders to collect them, and that if someone joins the raid or otherwise needs to leave and come back that you put up a Ritual of Summoning without being asked a bunch of times.


Conjure those Mana Buns, the healers will thank you.

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