Getting into Raiding

This post is aimed the number of people who have not stepped foot in a Normal or higher raid in World of Warcraft, if that is you, great I hope I can help make your first run an enjoyable and successful experience; if not, well then I hope I can still provide some helpful tips to improve your next raid.

The objective is to outline a method to take a character who recently hit max level (110 in Legion) and get them ready to step foot into a Normal on the current raid tier (Antorus, The Burning Throne as I write this), and contribute to the group’s success to get invited back.

In general, I will assume that you are in a guild that raids, as it is a bit easier to get involved in raiding in that setting, and you should be looking to join a guild.

If you are Horde-side on Windrunner/Darrowmere hit up Afterlife we are always looking to expand our raid team.

There are some places where there are recommendations that make things a bit easier, at the cost of some top end-performance; as you move into Heroic and/or Mythic some of it will not work anymore, but you won’t need guides like this so win-win.

If you want some other resources that are pretty useful, you should also checkout wowheads article on the same theme.



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