What to play in your first Raid

There are a number of activities to get ready to raid, and likely you will already have some of these done, you can consider this a checklist of things to accomplish, they are ordered in how long they take.

My first recommendation is that your first raid is as a DPS Specialization for your class, there are several reasons for this:

  1. In general DPS in Normal have the lowest personal responsibility for mechanics
    1. those that exist are often handled by the more experienced raiders.
  2. There are the most DPS slots
  3. DPS has the most resources and clear-cut ways to improve
  4. Everyone has a DPS spec so it makes it easier to write a guide or everyone

Also, any class can complete Normal, there is no reason for a group to bench you because of a specific class specialization.

Most of the advice will still work for healers the big change is around gearing/rotation,  as a tank you need to understand all of the tank mechanics for all of the fights you are going to do and in general there is a higher level of choreography involved so I would recommend more time on researching the fights.


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