Analyze Performance

Okay, the raid is over and ideally some bosses are dead, and hopefully, you had fun and maybe even made a few friends along the way.

First, take a bit of a break, raiding can require a lot of focus and it is good to celebrate that you raided, after that there is still a number of things we can do to continue to improve.

The first thing to do is check if anyone you were with already logged the raid if you are in a guild one of the regulars or officers very likely did this so you can just review their log, if not then we can use the add-on we configured to upload the logs. (note to self, write a post on uploading logs).

Warcraft Logs is our first stop, it tracks everything that happened in a fight, for the purpose of quick improvement the best thing to do is look at each fight one at a time and click on the Problems tab and look for your name.  These are the most obvious things you can improve and in most cases, it will even tell you how.


Another important tool on the Warcraft Logs site, is the Compare tab as this lets you compare yourself to other players in a similar situation and see how well they did, and gain information like what talents they chose, items (trinkets and legendaries) they used, and what happened to them.

This is a really powerful tool for tuning your performance once you have done the encounter a few times.

Wowanalyzer is the next stop on our personal improvement journey, using the link from the Warcraft Logs fight from above the site will analyze your performance and identify areas in your rotation for cooldown management and things you can work on and improve.

It is important that this is an ideal state and it does not take into account specific boss mechanics and intermissions for the recommendations so you will need to apply some knowledge of the fight, but in general, they are important keys to work towards and can give you good areas to improve.  Pick one, and focus on it, don’t try to improve all of it at the same time.

Wipefest is an optional stop on our journey.  If you want to know what went wrong with a specific pull, or some of the bigger details of what happened or critical events and if they were handled correctly; this is your site.

This site breaks down a timeline of what happened in each encounter and identifies areas in which major mechanics went wrong; it is important to be aware just because someone died to something that it might not be their fault; so knowledge of the mechanics is important on figuring out what happened but this is a good place to start looking.

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