Raid Consumables

What should you have on hand before the raid forms, and you zone into Antrous.

375 Food

There are different levels of food, you should seek to bring 375 Food, if you are in a guild there should be many people that have cooking to the level to craft it if you can provide materials or gold for their trouble.

The class guides I linked to before above should contain the recommended Food to use.

Often Guilds will have Lavish Feasts for raid members but do not count on these.  Having the right food is a minimal cost and does improve performance, and shows your serious about raiding.


These are a very important part of raiding as they provide a very large buff that does not expire on death, which makes them very efficient for their cost, as even if something goes wrong you have the flask for its full duration, it is a very cost effective DPS increase.

Depending on your speculation you will use different consumables, look at your primary state and pick the associated Flask.

  • Flask of Ten Thousand Scars – Stam
  • Flask of the Whispered Pact – Int
  • Flask of Countless Armies – Str
  • Flask of the Seventh Demon – Agi

This should come from the information we looked at in getting your Class Specialization and Mechanics down.

Antorus for many groups is at least a 2 hour clear, with a good baseline for an introductory group carrying some new players to be between 2-3 hours. So you should have at least 3 flasks, I would recommend keeping 5 flasks on your character.

If your Raid provides a spirit cauldron great, but you shouldn’t expect it.

Potion of Prolonged Power

This is the standard DPS Potion, you should look to have a full stack (200) of these for Antrous the minimum is 21 (if there are no wipes, and I am not counting Enoar), if you use them on every fight.

You should plan to use 2 on each fight (with Argus being 3), one as a pre-pot and 1 during the fight.

Seals of Broken Fate

You can purchase up to 3 per week from the vendor in Dalaran and acquire them through various other means, up to a cap overall of 6.

If you have some advanced time to plan across several resets you should ensure you have 6 for the week, and if possible and your raid is likely to take a break 3 more to purchase for the week so that you can ‘coin’ 9 total bosses in the raid.

Don’t count on being able to leave and buy more seals, but if your raid leader is open to it, it is a good way to get more shots at gear.

Defiled Augment Rune / Lightforged Augment Rune

If you have been doing Order Hall Missions, World Quests and general content you likely have a couple of stacks Defiled Augment Runes of these, ensure that you have some to go into Antorus as they are a strong stat buff.

If you plan to start to raid a lot and have gotten the Exalted with the Army of the Light you can purchase an item that provides the same buff for 40,000.  A good idea is to macro it to your potion or other buff spells as it has unlimited uses.

Tome of the Tranquil Mind

This is optional but very useful, many classes need to change their talent builds for each boss, this is a good way to eek out a bit more performance and put in a good showing for your first raid even if the talent adjustments are minor.

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