Getting started in the Cloud

IT has gone under a wide range of technology shifts over the past several years, as storage prices have continued to drop, vitalization hanging the nature of server rooms, broadband and mobility providing internet connections all the time.

These technologies have come together and are the foundation of what we call the cloud, massive storage, compute and practically infinite global scale. In many ways it is similar to the mainframe computers that dominated the 70s and 80s before the desktop computer revolution.

Mastering new technologies has always been a critical part of a successful IT career, but the pace of change technology has never been faster, Microsoft has set up a cloud essentials subscription for IT Pro’s to have access to try these new technologies.

This is a good hub to get familiar with the various parts of the Azure Stack and how to work with it in a familiar application language.

Microsoft is also previewing a new platform to distribute additional documentation to developers in an easier to browse fashion.  It is currently previewing content for the Enterprise Mobility Suite that is part of the Office 365 offering.